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Name of Group: Spetsnaz or Spetznaz

Detailed Name: Russian Spetsnaz

Other Names of Historical Note: Soviet Spetsnaz or Soviet Spetznaz

Nation of Origin: Russia or the Russian Federation

Original Country Affiliation: Soviet Union or USSR or the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics or CCCP

Reasons For Creation: To be elite special forces commandos with special purposes

Military Objectives: Infiltration, espionage and sabotage conducted in foreign nations around the world

Date of Creation: Unknown because the Soviet Union never admitted the existence of the Spetsnaz

Weapons of Choice: 5.45mm AKS 74 rifle, 5.45mm PRI automatic pistol, various types of knives and machete

Initial Training: The training of potential Spetsnaz commandos is an enigmatic mystery. However, the training methods of the Spetsnaz are legendary for being much more severe and intensive when compared to the training techniques of special forces units in the West. The Russian Military is not limited in the harsh means it can utilize in the selection of the Spetsnaz soldiers. Without doubt, the Spetsnaz training regimen would be unacceptable in the Western World for its cruel and merciless nature.

Current Missions: With the fall of the Soviet Union, the Western democracies decreased their attention to the Spetsnaz because the Soviets were no longer a realistic threat to Europe and the Americas. However, the Spetsnaz never lost an interest for infiltration of foreign nations because of the great needs for spying and sabotage. The most important goals for the current Spetsnaz are to secure highly prized secrets related to advanced technology and scientific research being developed in sophisticated nations such as the United States, Israel, Germany and Japan.

End Game Objectives: While the West has varying success in the uncovering of covert missions of the Russians in their own countries, the Russian Military has been able to keep its secrets hidden from Western intelligence agencies. In particular, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) readily admits they have no idea how many Spetsnaz troops exist and where they are at any given moment. With very, very extremely porous borders especially in the United States, the Russians have no impediments in sending vast numbers of Spetsnaz to the West if needed.

Monetary Budget: The Russian Government spends approximately 10 (ten) percent of what the United States spends on the US Navy Seals, the US Special Forces Green Berets and the US Delta Force.

Top Secret Commandos: The Western World has long thought the Russian Military has secretive units of the Spetsnaz similar to the US Delta Force, who represent the elite of the upper elite even amongst the most seasoned commandos. However, the spy agencies of the West remain clueless whether or not the Spetsnaz mirror the special operation forces of the United States based on decades and decades of endless espionage.

Espionage Considerations: In general, spying on both adversaries and friends is always limited in nature because there is no nation on Earth with the primitive technology of our planet with the ability for in depth and complete infiltration of the target nations. There are limited monetary resources, limited numbers of secret agents and extremely limited time factors, which make it impossible to know what is really going on. In the end, neither Russia nor the Western World can realize or understand what the other is really doing. You don't know their hidden secrets. They don't know your hidden secrets.

But as an ironic paradox, neither side knows what the other side knows or doesn't know. What you do know is that the number one world economic and military super power would be the primary target of espionage by every single nation with organized intelligence apparatus. Spying has been going on at high levels ever since the Human species divided into two tribes. Surveillance and fact gathering will be with us even until the end. Espionage is a precarious art and certainly not a reliable science.

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Russian Spetsnaz

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